Samsung’s First Truly Bezel-Less 8K TV Leaked in Promotional Images Prior to CES 2020 Launch

Samsung is tipped to launch the world’s first truly bezel-less or frameless TV at CES 2020. Prior to its official debut though, the first alleged renders of what is claimed to be Samsung’s upcoming truly bezel-less 8K TV have surfaced online. The leaked images, which are claimed to be marketing material for Samsung’s 8K frameless TV, show a device with non-existent side and top bezels, and a very thin chin at the bottom. The photos also point towards a ‘No-Gap-Wallmount’ design for Samsung’s upcoming 8K frameless TV, which is set to debut at CES 2020.

The leaked images, which comeof Germany-based 4KFilme, suggest that Samsung’s bezel-less 8K TV will share some design DNA with the company’s giant The Wall TV. While Samsung is yet to officially confirm the existence of a bezel-less 8K TV, the report suggests it might officially debut under the Q900T or Q950T name. It is also said that the company’s truly bezel-less 8K TV will follow the in-house One Connect Box design, which serves as the media receiver with a built-in TV tuner to support the ‘One Connect’ function on the company’s high-end TVs. Samsung is also tipped to launch multiple 4K TVs at CES 2020, alongside the highly anticipated truly bezel-less 8K TV.

Talking about 8K TVs, Samsung haswith the 8K Association (8KA) to launch a certification program for 8K TVs. The criteria for a product from any brand to qualify as a certified 8K TV includes a panel resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels or above, peak brightness of over 600 nits, image transmission over HDMI2.1 standard, and High Efficiency Video Codec (HVEC) support. Once a product has been validated by 8KA, member companies such as Samsung can market their 8K certified TVs.

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